What to do When Your Husband Hurts Your Feelings (and Doesn’t Even Care)

Do you find yourself being hurt by your husband time and time again and again?

Does it feel like he hurts your feelings and doesn’t even care?

I know I have struggled with feeling hurt a lot in our ten years of marriage. Sure, my husband was not perfect, but with time I realized I had a problem bigger then I thought.

Am I the only one that gets offended hurt really easily?

Have you ever hurt someone without meaning to? Words that weren’t meant to offend seem to hurt someone? You might even have wondered why they were so easily offended.

Here we’ll dive into what we can do about not getting as easily hurt by our husband’s words and actions.

Does your husband regularly say things that hurt your feelings, which can turn a great day into a terrible one?

Me too. At the beginning of our marriage I really thought I had married a very unkind man, who didn’t have feelings whatsoever. He sure didn’t seem to care about mine!

But, I’ve learned, that my husband has a heart of gold, it just comes out a little rough at times. I’ve also learned that I get offended and hurt really easily and that the choice to be hurt is actually mine.

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Realizing that I was partially to blame was a big eye-opener for me and I’ve learned there are several things that we as Christian women can do to let the careless words run off our back, forgive, and move on.

Disclaimer: This is not a post about being hurt by an abusive husband. if you are in an abusive relationship, you need to get help. Don’t wait. This is for women that are offended by the things your husband says, especially when he did not intend to hurt you with his words or deeds.

7 Ways To React When Your Husband Hurts Your Feelings (and doesn’t seem to care).

1. Get in God’s Word

Read, pray, and study. The more we will love the Law of God, and spend time with Him, the less easily we will get offended. The less we will get all these hurt feelings. Daryl Blair wrote, “Allow the Word to saturate our Being, Allow the Word to mellow our hearts, Allow the Word to give us perspective, Allow the Word to show us ourselves, Allow the Word to sweeten our views of other people.”

Key word being allow. We need to allow God to work his wondrous work in our lives.

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2. Humility.

Once we realize that we sin too, and often repeatedly, we are more willing to overlook the other person’s mistakes. Pride is a big reason why we become offended.

That’s not something any woman wants to hear (How dare I even write that!). A humble woman who knows her worth in Christ is much more willing to let criticism slide.

3. Look at it honestly.

Why does this offend me? What can I learn from this? If this isn’t true, why am I bothered by it?

4. Raise your Tolerance level.

I think I started our marriage with a level of zero. Hurt feelings abounded! We can improve our tolerance level by focusing on God, praying, and meditating on his word.

If we turn our focus on God instead of on myself, we are supposed to be able to tolerate more.

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5. Don’t misread the insult.

Ask yourself, did he mean it the way I took it? Give your husband the benefit of doubt, and try to look at it positively. Ask him, “Are you saying I am….?” Often we misread what he meant to express.

6. Consider the circumstances.

Did your husband speak or act out of pain? Was I being disrespectful? He has no excuse to insult or berate you, but you don’t have control over that part.

You do have control over your actions, and how respectful you were. With God’s help, we are able to change ourselves.

***What if your husband doesn’t share your faith?

7. Learn from Jesus.

Forgive, and forgive again. Jesus lived in direct accusations, yet he forgave them.

He kept his focus on eternity, and not on earthly things. We need to realize that our worth is in Jesus Christ, and not try to find our worth in our husband. I’ve been guilty of this.

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In this world and age, there are hurting people everywhere. Hurting people hurt people.

When we have the power of our Lord Jesus Christ within us, we are able to grow and overcome being easily offended. After (almost) eleven years of marriage, I’ve learned to be not (quite) as easily hurt and my husband has learned to speak in a kinder way. Win-Win either way.

Do you find that your husband hurts your feelings regularly? Let me know if this is something you struggle with in the comments below.

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    6 thoughts on “What to do When Your Husband Hurts Your Feelings (and Doesn’t Even Care)”

    1. My husband do say hurtful words to me and it has really affected our marriage. I don’t feel the urge to make love to him because those hurtful words keeps ringing in my head. Each time I try to reconnect, he hurts me with his bad words and he makes me feel like am the victim or the problem.

      1. That can be very hard. In those situations, we need to respect and love our husband as unto the Lord. Do it for God, and he will bless you for that. Spend a lot of time in prayer, asking Him for strength and wisdom. Pray that God will work a change in your husband.

        1. What is wrong by saying- I am hurt when you say this. I’m feel put down and belittled when this happens? Apologizing when you are wrong and say I did mean that so I will try not no do ….. Honest communication is important in marriage. Then you can start working on problems.

          1. Absolutely, we should always say the truth in love. Communication is very important in marriage. Too often, however, we tend to react badly because we are hurt and offended. Instead of listening to understand, and choosing to forgive, we react and everything blows up. Our reactions define a lot of our relationship with our husband.

      2. I know you’re hurt but please forgive your husband and don’t ever stop praying for him. Pray for him as often as you are able to, even when you’re upset with him. While praying for your husband to change, make sure to ask God to show you your own faults so that you can accept and work on them. I wish you all the best in your marriage.

    2. Yes! We’ve been married for five years and the first few years I got upset about EVERYTHING! Poor man had to tip toe around me all the time. I finally learned how to vocalize what I heard him saying and he learned how to explain what he meant when I misunderstood. I also got a thicker skin; our friends often joke that my husband’s resiliency has rubbed off on me 😉

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