12 Ways To Make Your Husband Feel Special

Is it your heart’s desire to make your husband feel special and loved?

Too often we neglect our relationship with our husband when in fact we should make it a top priority. 

Studying how you can make your husband feel loved and special is vital.

While we are all similar on certain levels, we have all been created special and unique. Knowing what your husband needs to feel loved will help you to show him.

When your love languages are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, it can be hard to get out of your comfort zone and show some love! 

Everyone likes to feel special. Too often we spend more energy on acts of kindness for others outside of our own family. 

Our own family gets the leftovers, and when it comes to love, that tank is sometimes nearly empty. 

Making your husband feel special will not only bless him, but it will also bless you! 

Below you will find 12 ways to make your husband feel special.

Not everyone has the same love language, so take that into consideration.

Find what your husband’s love language is, and do those things to make him feel special. You can take the test here.

Ideas on How to Make Your Husband Feel Special

Learn his favorite sport and play it with him

My husband likes to play hockey games.

I have roughly zero interest in watching hockey, let alone playing it. It’s something where I would rather watch paint dry.

I have not become such a spectacular wife who plays hockey with him, but I will watch it with him.

I know he enjoys it when I spend that time with him. What sport does your husband like? Learn about it and join him.

Make His Favorite Meal

Studying her husband is something every wife should do, and learning to cook his favorite meal will bless your husband’s day.

My husband’s favorite meal is something I don’t enjoy making, because it is a lot of dishes, and quite a bit of work.

I don’t make it nearly often enough, but I try a couple of times a year. It helps that the rest of the family also loves it.

Make your husband’s favorite meal often.

Send him a text, telling him what you respect about him

Words of affirmation are HUGE when it comes to making your man feel loved. I am better at writing than speaking, so sending a note or text is easier than actually saying it out loud.

It’s also nice to speak life into your husband, but a text can brighten his day.

Clean his vehicle

Is your husband overloaded with responsibilities?

I know women often feel like they are overwhelmed, but men go through seasons of busyness too.

If you will make the effort of shouldering a small job that would usually fall on him, your husband will thank you for it.

Sometimes just knowing we have the support is worth just as much as actually getting the help.

Give him a back(or foot) rub

Just sending the time offering him comfort will make him feel special. He will love you all the more for your servant’s heart.

Make him a priority

In the line of your priorities, where is your husband?

Too often children are made a higher priority than a husband in a woman’s life.

It won’t be long before your children are all grown up, and have left the nest.

Make your husband a priority so that you have a healthy marriage when you have an empty nest.

Bless him sexually

Every man needs his wife sexually. Get out of your comfort zone, and bring passion back into your marriage. Bless him in these five ways.

Ask his opinion

Do you have an important decision to make as a wife or mom? Ask his input, and go with it.

Men often have valuable insights that a wife might not have, and two heads are better than one.

Greet him with a kiss when he comes home

Be an example to your children, and be excited when your husband comes home from work.

Greet him at the door with an enthusiastic kiss, letting him know that you missed him, and are thrilled to see him again. 

Listen to more than his words

Listen to understand. We sometimes become too wise in our minds and have figured out what he means before he was even finished talking.

This can lead to a lot of arguments (trust me, I know). Listening to understand will help you be more respectful, as well as help you to get to know him better.

Don’t assume you know, but listen carefully.

Learn his desires

If you will go out of your way to learn what your husband’s dreams and desires are, you can help and encourage him along the way.

Every wife should study her husband, and do her best to be his helper in every area of life.

Tell others what you admire about him

I would never encourage you to embarrass your husband, but do tell others how wonderful he is.

Building up your husband in the eyes of your children and the people around you will make him feel all the more special. 

A wife that loves her husband should seek ways to make her husband feel special. It can be as little as holding his hand or taking a load off his shoulders. 

Look for things that make your husband feel special, and go out of your way to do them. Your marriage will be blessed by it.

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