Practical Things We Need to Teach Our Daughters

We are living in a self-centered age where society is degrading at a rapid rate.

Where are all the sons and daughters that have a high moral standard, that want to improve this world and care about others, instead of just looking at themselves?

We as parents have such a high influence on our children while they are still young. Not only in character traits, but also in the skills they need in life.

We have three daughters, and I realized I am not doing my job well enough. I need to be more diligent in teaching and instructing them.

One day, Lord willing, they will be managing their own households. My oldest daughter is only 7, but it is up to me to teach them the skills they will need on that day.

Here you’ll find 8 practical things we need to teach our daughters while they are still young.

If you find that you aren’t capable of teaching some of these because you weren’t taught them yourself, find someone who is willing to help the next generation by teaching your daughter.

8 Skills Our Daughters Need To Know

Meal Planning

We as keepers of the home have the responsibility of feeding our family. Planning ahead of time allows us to keep from scrambling at the last minute.

Often, if preparation hasn’t been made, much more unhealthy meals make it onto the table.

A meal plan helps us to thaw out meat and shop accordingly ahead of time. No scrambling for cream or celery at the last moment.

This is an often-overlooked skill. Yet, I find it very needful. This is one skill in which I struggle, thus I wish I had been taught it.

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A much-needed skill, and one that’s becoming a lost art in some homes.

If we don’t teach our daughters to cook, they will either learn themselves, or they will learn how to cook ‘mac and cheese from the box’ kind of meals.

Include your children (boys need this skill too) while you are working in the kitchen. Children can peel potatoes at a very young age.


A question on social media revealed that a lot of women wished they had been taught the money side of life. Ignorance isn’t bliss in financial matters.

Children need to be taught budgeting and responsibility with money.

Dave Ramsey has a Junior Financial Peace Kit that helps with teaching children about money management. This Kit is geared towards children ages 3-12 years.


This skill can save money for the household, as well as help them be less wasteful. So many things can be repaired or mended instead of buying new.

If you aren’t skilled in sewing, youtube has a lot of simple sewing tutorials.


Our food quality is not the best anymore, especially when we buy things from the store.

If you have your own garden, you have 100% control over how much chemicals you apply to your plant. Also, everything tastes so much better. Having a garden can save you money on your grocery bill as well.

Canning/Food Preservation

If you have a garden, you need to know how to preserve the food you grow. Again, youtube is a great free learning resource. However, nothing teaches better than experience.


This is becoming a specialty skill, that use to be common knowledge. While I was growing up, butchering days were a highlight.

So many memories were made helping alongside cousins.

Yes, you can get all of your meat from the local butcher, but there might come a day when you desire to butcher your own meat.

If this is not something you do yourself, get your daughters to help someone that does.


A keeper of the home needs to know how to efficiently manage and keep a home clean.

This isn’t something that everyone enjoys, and sometimes it’s a matter of teaching diligence. Cleaning a house might not be FUN, but everyone enjoys it when it is clean!

These are only practical things we need to teach our daughters. More important are the character qualities we exemplify to our children.

But, these practical qualities are very beneficial in how well they will adapt to managing their own household.

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