Lies Women Believe Book Review

Overcoming Lies Women Believe

What’s worse, being lied to and knowing about it? Or being lied to, and not even realizing it?

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Nancy Leigh DeMoss wrote a book about the lies that Women are prone to believe, and it all started with the first lie after creation; when Eve ate that fruit she believed the lie that the devil told her. Reading this book opened my eyes to things I was unconsciously believing by the way I was living.

When my 2nd oldest daughter was four years old, we realized we had a problem on our hands and the way we would react would shape her whole life.

She was a SMOOTH liar. Our oldest two children were terrible liars at that age, and their guilt was always clearly shown on their young faces.

However, Anna’s face was as innocent as a tiny baby’s. We never want to punish our children, when we are not sure that they are the guilty ones, but we also cannot let lying go.

Someone had played with birdseed, and now there was a big mess all over our front deck.

Not a big deal. With kids we can expect messes, and it just needed to be cleaned up. However, once we started questioning our children, No one had Dunnit….

Uh-oh. We had a liar on our hands. Everyone denied it fervently. Put’s a parent in a tough situation.

However, I prayed about it, grilled our kids, and then let it go.

The truth has a way of coming out, and a child that starts lying will do it again sooner rather than later. Once you realize you have a problem, you can be much more diligent about seeking out the truth.

When I read the book, “Lies Woman Believe”, written by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, I was completely expecting to learn about areas in my life in which I was unknowingly believing things that were not true.

I was also hoping to learn how to deal with these lies, and how to combat them with the TRUTH. Nancy Leigh DeMoss is well-known author and radio host who has helped a lot of women turn to Biblical Truth.

This book covers 40 different lies that women tend to believe. Lies about God, about themselves, about sin, about marriage, about our emotions, and about our circumstances.

As I read, I would check myself, not only to see if I believed them, but also if I was LIVING like I believed them. Our actions reveal much about our hearts. This proved to be a wonderful exercise to reveal some truths in my life.

I learned that at times I believe that God is not enough, and also that I can’t help how I am.

What I really enjoyed about this book was the truths that come from the Bible, and which we can use to combat against the Lies.

Anna’s conscience was stinging, for only a couple minutes later, when her brother asked her again if she had done it, she confessed, albeit asking him to not tell on her.

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Ironically, my husband was standing only a couple metres away from her and overheard everything.

Unfortunately, the truth doesn’t always come out so easily. Lying is a dangerous habit, that seems to enslave us so quickly.

Maybe you don’t have a habit of lying, but are you in the habit of believing the lies the Devil throws at you? I’d highly recommend every women, married or single, to read this book.

The TRUTH can set you free from depression, anger, bitterness, self-pity, and selfishness. The TRUTH can help you live in peace and harmony.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss also has a workbook that goes with this book. It would be a great book to read in a Women’s Study Group.

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  2. Amen. The truth absolutely set me free from depression. It was the best remedy there is for it. I was delieverd from bitterness and resentfulness too. My heart and mind are renewed and I was given so much hope to be the woman, wife, and mother, that I always wanted to be.

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