8 Great Marriage Devotionals For Couples

Date nights are a great way to spend time together with your husband and grow your relationship, but what about reading a devotional together as a couple? 

Spending time together plus learning and growing towards a godly marriage is a great result of having daily devotional time for couples.

Recently I realized I would love to have devotions with my husband.

Together, as husband and wife.

This led me to search for devotionals that were written directly for couples. While there are many written for women, there are also devotionals written for couples to read and study together.

If you are seeking a closer relationship with God, and with your husband, try making a habit of devotions every day.

Read here if your husband is not a Christian

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8 Devotionals for Couples to Grow their Marriage

Devotions For A Sacred Marriage 

This one is written by Gary Thomas. This devotion covers how God can reveal himself through the sacred covenant that is marriage.

It contains 52 weekly devotions with insights to build a strong marriage. It also includes tips on improving communication between couples which really interests me.

Communication issues are a common problem many couples face, including us.

The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional

Created after the well known Love Languages Book was so successful, this devotional has a selection from Scripture for each day (which I really like), a prayer, and an insightful message about communicating love, and a prayer. 

Kingdom Marriage Devotional

This is one devotional that I really want to buy. It is a 90 day devotional that shows couples that the key to influencing the world around us is by solidifying a biblical marriage the way God intended.

I know God intended marriage to be a beautiful thing and that is why it breaks my heart that there are so many hurting husbands and wives. 

The Love Dare Day By Day Devotional

A powerful book, this devotion contains 365 devotions plus a weekly love dare. Many people are familiar with the Love Dare, and it can help improve your marriage by making the choice to show love to your spouse every day. 

Night Light: A Devotional For Couples

Written by Dr. James C. Dobson and his wife Shirley, this book is perfect for night time devotions. Short, easy to read devotions will help you connect with your spouse.

Quiet Times For Couples 

Written by H. Norman Wright, this devotional contains short, biblical devotions intended to help couples grow into a closer relationship with God and each other.

Draw Close 

By the author of His Needs, Her Needs, William F Harley, this devotional begins each day with a story and includes a brief meditation, a bible passage, and questions to help you apply the principles.

One Devotional: 52 Weekly Marriage Building Devotions For Thriving Couples

Written by Jimmy Evans, a popular marriage mentor, this one provides basic principles for building the marriage of your dreams, plus discussion starters and fun activities to complete together.

Jimmy shares wisdom from his own experiences. It is filled with biblical wisdom as well as real-life examples. Definitely one to check out!

As I was researching these, I had a hard time deciding to pick just ones. I love Kingdom Marriage by Tony Evans and have heard such good things about that one. I also really enjoy anything by Jimmy Evans. 

Which one would you choose? Leave me a comment below and help me decide.

Also, if you know of others that you love, let me know!

Our marriage is very important. We have to make time to build it.

While date nights are great, often it is not feasible for us with five children in the house. Simply by making an effort to spend time together reading a devotional daily will help you to grow as a couple.

Spending time together, reading a wonderful devotional meant for couples will help you become a better spouse and improve your relationship.

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