8 Free Marriage Apps to Strengthen Your Marriage

Did you know that there are apps for married couples that can help your relationship and strengthen your marriage? 

Recently, I realized that an app that would help wives be intentional about encouraging and loving their husbands would be very useful. That’s when I discovered that there are several apps intended for married couples. 

Many wives find these useful in building connections with their husband, and improve their marriage overall.

There are paid versions of several of these, but you can try out every one of them for free first. If you find them helpful, a paid subscription will give you even more options.

8 Free Apps For Married Couples

1.Love Nudge

This app starts with you taking a test to determine which of the Five Love Languages is yours. It takes the concept of Dr. Gary Chapmans’s “The Five Love Languages” to the next level.

After taking the quiz, you send a link to your spouse and have them take the quiz as well. This app helps you form the habit of intentionally expressing love to your spouse in his language. 

2.Anatomy of Marriage

Free plus try premium free for 7 days.

A fun and interactive app that personalizes you and your spouse’s unique needs, and helps you to better understand yourself and your spouse.

Get tools to communicate better, and enjoy hundreds of conversation starters. These include bedroom games, as well as love language quiz and sessions. 

3.Lasting App

Free with option of premium

This app was created for couples looking for guided marriage counseling. Users are saying it is helpful, realistic and engaging. It has great reviews and comes highly recommended.

This help will help you and your husband nurture your emotional connection, and help you repair relationship issues. 

You get free access to conversation starters, relationship reminders, and single sessions.

Lasting Premium gives you a lot more. It lets you take sessions on trust, money, sexual desire, and so much more.

4.Ultimate Intimacy

Free with option of subscription

A clean, nongraphic app designed to help grow your marriage relationship. A great sex life is part of a vibrant marriage, and too often comes low on the priority list.

This app includes a customizable bedroom game, and other fun activities to bust bedroom boredom.

Thankfully, its not a crass and raunchy app, but instead clean and great for Christian couples.

5.Intimately Us

Free with option of Upgrade

This app is for those that need help in the bedroom department, and all of us do from time to time.

Get out of the rut of a boring sex life, and bring back the connection and laughter. Lighten the mood in the bedroom with this app.

6.The Love Dare


Based on the book by Alex and Stephen Kendrick, this is a 40-day Christian devotional designed to strengthen marriages.

Each day you get scripture, a statement of principle, and that day’s dare. It also includes a journaling area and a check box to chart your progress.

If you love the movie Fireproof, you will like this app. Do your own Love Dare!

7.Focus on The Family


This one is not only for your marriage, but also for your family. Focus on the Family has a lot of resources for all aspects of relationships in your family.

It contains all of Focus on the Family’s shows and broadcasts. This is an app that you can take with you no matter what season of life you are going through.

8.Gottman Card Decks App


I recently started reading Seven Marriage Principles by John Gottman, and there were a lot of useful questions in that book. It really made me think.

This Gottman Card Decks App helps you build a deeper level of intimacy in your marriage. Inspired by the popular card decks from The Art and Science of Love Workshop, it contains question cards and suggestion cards.

It is not child-friendly (age 17+), but contains questions you can ask your spouse, as well as suggestions of things you can do. 

There are more marriage apps out there that will help strengthen your marriage and I will try to update this list as I find them.

On that note, if you love a certain app that you have found helpful, send me a message, and I’ll add it to this list. There are so many apps today it can be difficult to find one that you love.

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