Awesome Christian Resources to Make Your Marriage Better

Marriage is a God given institute, for two are better than one. Yet, even when two Jesus believing people fall in love, and marry, its not an easy street. Marriage is hard because we are still living in a fallen world.

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I find we tend to think that when we are struggling in a marriage that it’s just us and that we are alone in finding that happily ever after.

The truth is, sometimes everyone needs help, and it’s not something to be ashamed of.

To admit that we need help is a sign of courage, a sign of strength. So don’t wait.

If you’re struggling in your marriage, find help. Love is a choice, and sometimes we need help navigating the stormy seasons.

There are people and resources available that can help us.

Five resources that you can order online today that can help make your marriage better.

Marriage on the Rock DVD Set.

This is produced by Jimmy Evans, a well-respected pastor at Gateway Church. It is available in book form, as well as a dvd set. It is a solid guide to a healthy, lasting marriage.

We are currently going through this, and have found it very beneficial so far. You often don’t realize exactly why things don’t work, and the Four Laws of Marriage sure make a lot of sense!

Love and Respect.

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs wrote a book focusing on Ephesians 5:33. This book accurately portrays how a man desires respect and a wife desires to be loved.

He also created a program called Love and Respect Academy, where he has helped a lot of people.

Marriage After God

This is a marriage focused podcast hosted by Aaron and Jennifer Smith. It is intended to inspire, challenge, and encourage marriages to chase after God together.

They also wrote a couple of books including a devotional, a prayers book, and Marriage after God, a book about chasing boldly after God’s purpose for your life together.

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The Gottman Institute Seven Principles of Marriage

Four decades of research is compiled at The Gottman Institute. They are dedicated to combining wisdom from research and practice to strengthen relationships.

Their website contains a bunch of workshops and resources. The Seven Principles of Marriage Audio is highly recommended on Amazon.

Marriage Today

Marriage Today is part of a fierce battle being fought in marriages today. They strive to help people succeed in marriage.

They provide marriage coaching, as well as books such as The Naked Marriage by Dave and Ashley Willis and The Four Laws of Love by Jimmy Evans.

Love Honour and Vacuum

This is a blog written by Sheila Wray Gregoire. She writes about sex and marriage at, and is the creator of Boost Your Libido Ecourse and The Honeymoon Course. She has also written seven books on marriage and parenting.

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These are only five different marriage resources available. What marriage resources have helped you in your marriage? Let me know what you love, and I’ll add them to this list.

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