How to Make Your Husband Feel Special on His Birthday

It is in every wife’s interest to look for ways to make her husband feel special on his birthday.

This year, I failed. Now you know that I am not the perfect wife.

It happened all so fast, I completely forgot to do something special for my husband’s birthday. 

We have several birthdays and anniversaries in my family in one week(6 in fact!). Usually, we also try to get in a family campout during this time.

And I was on summertime….You know, when you have no sense of time cause you are just trying to keep up with everything. 

I forgot to make my husband feel special on his birthday. 

I almost forgot completely about his birthday!

I don’t think that has ever happened before. My intentions were good, but somehow we slipped in the month of July, without me noticing how fast the days were going by. 

I use to think that birthdays weren’t such a big deal to him, but I’ve since realized that while he might never make a big fuss over the effort I might make, my husband still appreciates being made to feel a bit special. 

And I failed this year. 

So here is to next year. Make your husband feel special on his birthday, and he will never forget it.

These ideas on how to make your husband feel special on his birthday are just that: ideas.

You know your husband best, so take these ideas and find some inspiration from them.

8 Ideas on How To Make Your Husband Feel Special on His Birthday

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1.Plan a Party

Invite some friends, and plan a small backyard BBQ party for him. You don’t need to go all out with decorations, but a little doesn’t hurt.

Or a special dinner with a few close friends.

You could also invite the whole neighborhood for a big corn roast! All because he is special, and deserves a special day. 

2.Do Something Special In The Bedroom

Is there something you know your husband loves to do when you are being intimate? Make his birthday special by serving him in the bedroom. 

3.Buy Him Something He Really Wants

If there is something that your husband really wants, but doesn’t buy for himself because it is not a “need”, buy it for him.

Study your husband, and know his interests. Buy that thing that he wants but won’t buy for himself. My husband is getting this as a late birthday gift.

4.Breakfast in Bed

Even something as simple as serving him breakfast in bed will make him feel special.

You don’t need to go all out in order for him to know that you really love and appreciate him. A simple bacon and egg breakfast will suffice!

5.His Favorite Dinner

Does your husband have a favorite meal? Make it for him!

My husband loves a dish that requires a lot of work, and I don’t make it enough for him.

His birthday is the best time to make the effort of cooking up a real treat for him. 

6.Affirmation Notes From the Family

Of all the ideas, this is my favorite. Get everyone in your family husband had to leave home for a season due to work.

The children and I wrote a bunch of notes and put them in a jar. The instructions were for him to read one note per evening. He enjoyed this!

Not every note was incredibly touching, they still brightened his day during a time when he was unable to see his family. 

This jar would be an added touch!

love notes for husband
Love notes for husband

7.Make The Day All About Him

From the moment your husband wakes up, make his day special.

Serve him breakfast in bed, or a little something extra on the side.

Let him know that he is a top priority in your life, and spend your energy being extra loving and caring throughout the day.

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    8.Make Him a Favorite Playlist

    Put together a special assortment of songs that you know he loves. Play them during your party, or while you are serving cake.

    The ideas above this one could almost ALL be done in a day, but that might get too busy and overwhelming.

    Do what you can to brighten his day.

    Birthdays are a great opportunity to tell people how much they mean to you, how much you value them.

    Making your husband feel special on his birthday will let him know that he is important to you. 

    Everyone enjoys feeling special, even men! They might not show it so much, but inside there is a soft heart that longs to feel loved, respected, and cared for. 

    Be the woman that your husband needs, not just on his birthday, but every day. Be a woman of integrity, and by the grace of God, your marriage will flourish.

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    3 thoughts on “How to Make Your Husband Feel Special on His Birthday”

    1. Such a good reminder that men really do care about their birthdays, even when they say they don’t!! I surprised my husband with a floor refinishing service for Christmas, so I knew I needed to keep his birthday on a budget. I was tempted to just not do anything, but your post has convinced me otherwise! Breakfast in bed is always a great way to make people feel special. Thank you!

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