Be a Better Wife Part 3: Prioritize Your Husband

Become a better wife by prioritizing your husband today.

It’s life. We are all busy, and sometimes our priorities get mixed up. When we had our first child, my world completely flipped.

I became engrossed with our little boy and all the things that you learn with your first child. One month later, my husband was finally able to tell me that he felt that he was nothing to me….

O boy. I was so engrossed in caring for our baby, that everything else sort of faded into the background. The baby made the schedule for us, and everything revolved around him.

No wonder my husband felt like he had been sent to the back seat of my heart. 

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I realized then that I had to make an effort to make my husband top priority, even over my children. 

This doesn’t come by accident, and while you might think it should come naturally, it doesn’t. Not making your husband (or vice versa) a top priority is a common mistake in many marriages, and the relationship suffers because of it.

When your husband does not feel that he is important to you, your relationship will suffer.

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Should Your Husband Be First Priority?

God should ALWAYS come first in your heart. 

Your husband is second only to God.

You cannot be a very good wife if you do not put Christ first. 

However, the Bible tells us that the married husband cares about the things of this world because he is married, and the woman that is married cares about how she may make her husband happy.

1 Corinthians 7:34 says the unmarried woman cares about the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and spirit.

But she who is married cares about the things of the world, how she may please her husband.

So we know God expects that we will be occupied in pleasing our husband.

Make God first in everything.

Make Your Husband Top Priority.

However, we women often let other things such as children, careers, interests, and even housekeeping come before our husband.

This will not help us have a better relationship with our husband. Instead, it will tear you apart.

 When we do not make our husband a priority in our lives, soon you are just two people living together in the same household. Roommates more than lovers.

Do children come before your husband?

No, children do not come before your husband.

I love my children, and I want the best for them. But the truth is that they don’t need me to be on call all the time. 

They also have to learn to wait, and at times their wishes will not be fulfilled.

I am in no way talking about needs here. We should meet our children’s needs in an orderly manner. But they also have to realize that daddy comes first. 

Your children will not suffer when you put their father first. Instead, they will thrive because they see the deep love for each other. 

Children that grow up in a household where mom and dad don’t love each other are much more likely to have insecurity issues. 

Make your husband a priority, and bless your children through that.

So how can you prioritize your husband?

Here are 5 different ways.

This post might contain affiliate links. If you purchase anything through links on my site, know that I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Making your husband top priority

1. Adjust your thinking.

 First, realize it’s a state of the heart.. This was the one that helped me the most.

Once I made an effort to make my husband first, the other things were not quite as important.

2. Tell your husband how important he is to you.

 Show appreciation by fixing his favorite meal, or spending time with him. Tell him verbally that he is important to you. You never know how much he might need to hear that. 

3. Say ‘No’ more often. 

When opportunities come up that interest you, consider the consequences.

Will this take away from our time together? Is my schedule busy enough? Do I really need to do this?

4. Hug him at least once a day.

I would have never thought that the lack of physical touching would become an issue. However, too often you run about your day, and flop into bed at night, never taking the time to show some love. 

5. Have a Monthly Date Night.

Again, this takes effort and time. If left to spontaneity, it never happens. This one is something we still DO NOT do! I would love to, but because we live so far away from a town, our options are limited. 

Even just making an effort to spend some time together after the kids are in bed is a good idea.

We are currently watching Jimmy Evans ‘Marriage on the Rock’, a couple of nights a month.

Paves the path towards a great marriage, and produces some good conversations.

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    Every wife that wants to become better in her role should strive to make her husband a priority.

    Realize that your children will soon all be grown, and then you and your husband might not have much of a relationship left.

    Don’t let your children or career come before your spouse. 

    Become a better wife by prioritizing your husband today.

    How do you make your husband a priority? Let me know in the comments below.

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