5 Heart Touching Love Messages For My Husband

I know I don’t tell my husband how much I love him nearly enough. It’s hard sometimes to put my feelings into words, and yet I know that he needs to know how much I love him. 

Words can be empty or heart-touching depending on whether you really mean them or not. But today I thought I’d share some romantic love messages for him. 

These messages I write to my husband.

Maybe you need to write your husband a little note too, either for a love challenge, or maybe just because you want to send him a romantic text message.

If you mean these in your heart, and just don’t know how to say them, go ahead and copy these. 

Sometimes a text message that tells him how much he means to you is just what he needs for that day.

Don’t be stingy with your words of Affirmations. Everyone has a stronger love language than the rest, but all men need Words of Affirmations.

It’s a need created by God and when wives learn about the power of their words, they will be able to change their marriage for the better,

Expressing love to your husband in words is not easy all the time. Especially when you are struggling in your marriage, telling him how much he means to you is difficult.

The truth is that often you still love your husband just as much (or more), as when you first got married. However, we too often start taking each other for granted.

That’s where you start thinking you don’t need your husband as much as you used to. But you really do. You’ve just started taking him for granted.

I know I do.

A great marriage doesn’t come by accident. Fight for it, and never give up. Keep that commitment you made the day you got married.

Love Messages for Him from the Heart.

Dearly beloved, 

You really are, you know. Dearly beloved. I many times neglect to tell you how much I really love you. You are the anchor of our family and a wonderful leader in our home. When I am not with you, I know that a part of me is gone. Your caring ways touch my heart and I enjoy spending time with you. 

To my wonderful husband, 

Thank you for taking care of me while I was so sick in the hospital. I have never felt how much you loved me until that day and I treasure the memory. I treasure you, for I know that although we make mistakes, we will be there for each other when we need it. And I need you always. I don’t always show it as well as I should but it’s true nonetheless.  

Hey Love, 

So many memories, so many years that we have known each other. So many good times, as well as a lot of bad. But we stuck through them and today I want to say I am thankful for us not giving up. God is faithful and he has carried us through so much. I see His plan is far greater than ours ever was. Thank you for sticking through the good and the bad with me. I know life won’t ever get easier, but I know we can do this thing called marriage.

Hey handsome!

So glad you are that rock of a man that I call my husband. Thank you for not letting me push you around. I know that I am at times controlling, and I am really thankful that you love me in spite of it. I really love how you handle hard situations at work. I see how God is working in you, and I am super thankful that you are allowing the work of the Holy Spirit in your life. 

Hey Honey, 

Some days are just hard, you know? I am thankful that we are there to lift each other up. Thank you for being my best friend, and while you may not always understand me or the way I think, I am glad you are with me through this journey here on earth. I appreciate that you are strong when I am weak. God created marriage because He knew two are better than one, and a three-strand cord is not easily broken. Let’s keep God in the center of our marriage. I love you more than I can tell.

The thing with sending your husband a heart touching love message is that it has to be genuine. It has to come from the heart or it will not be emotionally touching for your husband at all. 

Especially when you are finding little that you admire and appreciate about your husband, you need to look deep into your heart for things that you love about him. 

They are there, however. Too often we listen to the lies of Satan and think our husband has no good in him.

It’s not true at all and you need to start looking for and telling your husband the things that you admire about him.

Do you want to send your husband your own personal love message, but can’t think of how to start? These message starters should get you thinking.

7 Message Starters That Will Show Your Love

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Remember when….? I felt so…..

I was feeling especially blessed when you……last week. Thank you! I don’t say it enough.

I appreciate it when you…..

I respect your decision to…

I love when you…..

You encourage me when you….

Thank you for…..

To often husbands and wives stop telling each other how much they love their spouse after they get married.

Lets lift each other up instead of tearing each other down and remember to send a message of love every once in awhile.

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