Write For Me

Would you like to write for me?

I love accepting guest posts. I do, however, only accept guest posts on marriage that are written from a Christian faith-based perspective. My aim is to help Christian Wives on their path to a holy marriage. I occasionally also accept posts on Prayer and Bible Study, provided they are helpful to my readers.

Increase Your Chances of Acceptance

Make sure your posts are 100% original, unpublished content.

Make sure your post is biblically sound.

Make your post between 800-1500 words

Include a short real-life story that goes with your theme.

Be helpful. Help the reader solve a specific problem in her life.

If your post is accepted, I reserve the right to make changes to the article in order to comply with site goals, including changing the title, formatting, and editing the content for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and clarity.

Include a short bio and headshot. Your bio should contain 2-4 lines about yourself. This is mandatory as I do not publish content without your bio. Your bio should contain a link to your website.

Other FAQs

When will I hear back?

I will try my best to get back to you within one week.

Do I need to include photos?

No, I will supply all photos and graphics.

Will I get paid?

I do not pay for guest posts at this time. I’ll link to your blog, and this helps boost your domain authority.

Can I include links?

You may include up to two links to your blog in the text of the post. These do not include links to a business, as this would be a sponsored post and I do charge for those.

How soon will my post be published?

Depending on the amount of content submissions I receive, it should be published in a couple days to a maximum of two weeks.

Submit your post here.