Fun Hobbies For Couples

Looking for ideas for hobbies for couples?

Hobbies are a good way to reconnect with your spouse. Hobbies can be a fun way to grow closer as a couple, relax and have fun! After all, laughter is good for the soul.

When my husband and I were dating, every date was a chance to connect, because whatever we were doing, we were together, communicating, and learning about each other.

However, after we got married, those dates disappeared completely. After all, were we not together all day, every day?

Unfortunately, this meant that the hardships of life overrode our ability to connect. My husband is a hard worker and has always taken well care of us financially, and has been kept busy with that.

Children came along and completely overtook my life.

With time you realize that there is more to this thing called life, then working and raising children. When your relationship with your husband isn’t great, neither is your life.

God created marriage, and it’s supposed to be a beautiful thing. But it doesn’t come easily. It takes intentional action and planning.

That’s where date nights and hobbies for couples come in. Choose a hobby that neither of you is very good at, yet both have an interest in learning. Even if it’s just for awhile. Try it out, and if neither of you enjoys it, try another hobby.

Good Hobbies For Couples To Reconnect With Each Other

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You don’t need to buy all the equipment. Rent or borrow some clubs, and make a date out of it. Hit the green with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching,

If you live in a city where you might not find a lot of birds, go out to a local park or rural place. You can find great books such as Petersons Field Guide To Birds. Buy a pair of binoculars, and away you go.


Would you enjoy getting your hands dirty? If you don’t have the option of planting a garden in your own yard, check around for a community garden.

Planting and picking with your husband is a great chance to connect. But a set of these and you’re ready to go.


I enjoy this, but my husband doesn’t have a whole lot of artsy bones in his body. However, if you both aren’t good at drawing, and would love to learn, look for a course on this.

Get out, and learn something new! There are a ton of drawing books available. Check out one at your local library, or buy one from Amazon.


A sport that needs only two people? Perfect for couples!

Mushroom Picking

Mushrooms are a superfood, but the wrong ones are also poisonous. So definitely get trained in this before you attempt to hunt for mushrooms yourself.

Some local colleges provide courses on mushroom hunting. Check out your area for a course, then pick on!


Okay, are there any men that don’t enjoy this? Wives, if you can get yourself to take an interest in fishing, be your husband’s best buddy!

This is my husband’s favorite thing to do, and I need to take a bigger interest in it. If both of you have no experience in fishing, try this. A great opportunity to get out into God’s beautiful creation.



This is a perfect sport to learn with your spouse because it just takes two.

Moziac Stained Glass Art.

I have no idea how to do this, but it looks so beautiful. Wouldn’t it be fun to learn?


With a couple of tools, this is such a fun hobby. Not only can you make all sorts of useful things, but woodworking can also be used to create aesthetically pleasing objects.

You’ll need a chisel set, as well as some instructions, but youtube is great for that.

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Pottery classes are very popular in some parts of the country. Get your hands in the clay. Don’t expect perfection, but expect a lot of fun.

Wine Making

This hobby isn’t one for immediate gratification. However, winemaking has a whole level of learning to it. Learn together, and enjoy the benefits.


Do you enjoy being behind the camera? Take a class on photography, or check out one online. I highly recommend Chris Bray Photography.

They have free training that helped me become a much better photographer. Even if you do not own your own camera, a class on photography can help you take a better picture with your cell phone.

Rock Collecting

Rock Collecting

If finding all sorts of unique stones interests you, start a rock collection. Agates are favorite find around our parts because they are a challenge to find. However, your terrain might have different treasures.

In conclusion, these are only some ideas for couples for hobbies you could try.

Find something that you are both open to trying. If you like it, great! If not, try another.

Make an effort to connect with your spouse through fun activities. Not only will you keep learning, but you will also lower your stress levels, reconnect with your spouse, and improve your marriage.

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  1. My husband is one of the few weird guys that don’t care for fishing, lol! You do have a great list here of a variety of hobbies to try as a couple. Thank you for putting this together!

  2. Great post! It is easy to get in the habit of the same date night routine (dinner),however, these are great ideas to switch up. Thanks for sharing!

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