3 Ways To Be an Encouraging Wife

Encouraging your husband can make a world of a difference in his life. A discouraging wife can be like an illness that corrodes and degrades your marriage. 

I KNOW this. I have always known this. And yet, my attitude turns critical and negative so easily. 

But being a positive and encouraging wife is a desire of mine. I want to be the reason my husband is known in the gates (Proverbs 31:23), to be an honorable wife.

Your husband needs you to be his biggest cheerleader, his biggest fan. Praising him is super important to the health of his heart and mind.

That’s why every wife needs to be encouraging to her husband, and it isn’t always in words. You can be an encouraging wife through your words, your actions, with your prayers, and even in your thoughts. 

“Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (KJV)

Different Ways to Encourage Your Husband

1.Encourage him with your thoughts.

A man whose heart doth safely trust in her knows that his wife will not betray him behind his back. And this starts at the heart.

Am I disrespectful in my heart towards my husband? Too often we think that we can act encouraging, but it’s all an outward show. Being a truly loving and respectful wife starts in the heart. 


2.Encourage him with your prayers.

EVERYONE needs prayers. Yet, how often do you really ask for prayer? I know I find it very hard to, probably because of pride and self-righteousness.

But the truth is, we need God’s help every day of our life. When you pray for your husband, he might never know it. But God is working, and he will help your spouse along the way. 

3.Encourage him with your words. 

The first thing I think about when I think about being an encouraging wife is by speaking life over my husband, and this is so important. Too often we assume that our husband knows what we really admire about him, but the truth is, he needs to hear it! 

Recently I took a challenge to praise my husband once a day, for thirty days. Do you know how long I was able to do this? One day…..So I am pretty bad at speaking encouraging words to my husband.

Submission is important, respect is important, but so is encouragement.

Join me in making an effort to become more of an encouraging wife.  

7 Words of Encouragement Husbands Love to Hear

1.You take such good care of us..

2.Thank you for leading our family in a biblical way.

3. I really admire your strength.

4.You are a great dad.I am thankful for how you teach our children.

5.I am glad you long to serve God.

6.Thank you for fixing that(…) for me. You are such a big blessing to me.

7. I need you, more then I can tell.

If you struggle to find anything good about your husband, I recommend reading this post on admiration.

Do you think you are being as an encouraging wife as you could be? I know I am not. If you know of encouraging words that help your husband, drop them in the comments below.

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