Be A Better Wife Part 2: Admiration

Showing admiration for your husband is so important on your journey to becoming the best wife you can be.

Romans 13:7 “Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.”

Do you still admire your husband? When you first started getting to know each other, there was a deep admiration for your husband.

An extra effort was made to be sweet, and kind. It’s too bad, that after we get married, we start taking it for granted that our spouse still needs you to admire his special talents.

Admiration for your husband will help you be a better wife.
Admiration is key.

Your husband needs to feel that you hold him in high regard, at the early stages of your relationship, but just as much after being married eight years.

You can show admiration for your husband by looking for the good in him and then telling him what you admire.

Too often we don’t true this is nor to make this a priority. Admiration is a very important part of your relationship.

To admire means to regard with wonder and delight, to esteem, love and reverence. To prize highly. Do you THINK about your husband as a valuable prize?

The easy answer is “of course”, but do we act like it? When I first realized how important admiration was nine years ago, I struggled to find anything to admire about my husband.

And we had only been married a couple of years.

We had been married for three years, and I was not a happy wife. Through a book I read, I realized that I had let my mind turn completely negative.

Once I made an effort to look for the good things in my husband, I found a lot!

When you can’t find anything to admire, it might take a little bit of work to get there.

Realize that in order to find things to admire, you need to accept him first. Then make him part of your thought life, to really consider and find the good things about him.

Think about him, what his interests are, how hard he works for you, and the GOOD in him.

How to Show Admiration to your Husband

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You will have a much better married life if you make an effort to me an admiring wife. A couple of things to consider are:

1.Acceptance comes before admiration.

2. Take an interest in him. Listen to his interests, think about him, remember what attracted you to him in the first place.

3. Admiration often doesn’t come naturally, without intentionally remembering to admire.

Words of Affirmation are a form of Admiration.

The Love Languages are five different ways people express and receive love. Although words of affirmation are one of them, this is a love language that every man has to a certain degree. 

All men long to hear upbuilding words that show him how much you appreciate him.

One affirmation a day should be so simple to implement, yet we struggle to find something good to say to our husband. 

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That’s not very cool. Is this because we are focusing too much on the negative traits of our husband? I think so. 

In Marriage on the Rock (a great resource!) Jimmy Evans says that we are allowed to say something negative….after we have found ten positive things to say.

Isn’t that a great way to think about it?

How many of us would never find bad things to say because we can’t find enough good things to say.

Expressing Words of Affirmation

Speak admiration in words. If you don’t have the guts to speak them, write him a note.

Express admiration in public. Build him up, by complimenting him in front of friends.

Say something good about him to your friends. Way too often we fall into the trap of dissing our husband instead of building him up.

An attitude of admiration will run over, and bless your husband in every area of his life. 

Be specific and sincere. Insincerity can easily be sensed, and your husband will know if you are just trying to flatter him.

If you are afraid that it will come across as insincere, wait to say it until you mean it. Instead, find something else to say, to build him up.

Make Him Feel Like “The Man”

Make him feel important.

Another way to show admiration for your husband is to ask for his help, whether in deed or opinion.

When you ask for his advice, and he gives you great advice, you have a perfect opportunity to praise him for how wonderful he is.

Allow him the opportunity to do a hard job for you. I’m not against playing the damsel in distress, because men love being THE MAN.

He loves to feel strong and needed. Let him do the hard stuff. After all, God created him to be the stronger one in your relationship.

Men love when their wife truly appreciate and admire them, in every part of their life.

If you will practice finding things to admire, telling him these things, and accepting the good in him, your love will shine brighter for him, and his for you.

Not only does admiration boost his self-confidence, but it also motivates him to be a better person.


Write down 5 things you admire about him. Ask him to write down five things he admires about you. Read these too each other at your next date.

Showing admiration for your husband is so important on your journey to becoming the best wife you can be.

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What do you admire about your husband? Leave a comment, and let me know!

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