Be a Better Wife Part 5: Have a Great Sex Life

Have a great sex life in a Christian marriage by realizing that God made you to enjoy each other.

Were you someone that actually wondered if you would have a great sex life before you got married? 

I was so naive that I didn’t even think about it. Yes, I did think about our wedding night, and what it would be like, but I didn’t dwell on the fact that maybe I wouldn’t find it so much fun after all.

That it would become a chore, just another thing to cross off on my To Do list.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. My husband was in for a big disappointment. It didn’t take us very long (about a week)  to figure out that our sex drives were vastly different!

Many hurts and tears were spent on our sex life. With the years, we figured out what worked for us. With a bit of knowledge, be assured that you can have a great sex life.

Christians can have a wonderful sex life for God made the marriage bed, and His design was for us to enjoy it. By understanding what libido is, by being intentional, and looking for ways to bless your husband, you are well on your way.

What if you have low libido?

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First we need to understand what libido is.The dictionary defines it as sexual desire, but what is normal? There can be, and usually are, big differences in sexual desires between a married couple.

Almost always one of you will want it more! So how do you compromise, so that you are both happy? 

First of all, realize that God made sex to be a pleasurable experience for a husband and wife. Isn’t he an awesome God that wanted something so beautiful for us?

However, anything wonderful Satan is out to destroy, and he has destroyed it big time in North America. God made sex into a beautiful thing meant for married couples, and Satan has turned it into a dirty, degrading thing. We need to go back to God’s original plan for humanity.

Libido is something that you use or you lose. In the Boost Your Libido Course, Sheila teaches us that women with a lower libido are normal after all! If you are really struggling in your sex life, you need to check out this course. Sheila created this after hearing from a LOT of women and realizing how society has taught us the wrong concept of what good sex life is. If you’re ready to become a wife that looks forward to sex, check it out here.

I was pleasantly surprised that there were more women (in fact 70%), that had a lower sex drive than their husband, and that I was “Normal” after all. If you struggle with your sex life and believe it is supposed to be better, then this course is for you. 

She teaches us how a woman’s sex drive is largely in her head, and how to convince your head that you WANT sex. Often when we decide that we want to feel GOOD, our body follows.

How often do we need to fill our husbands needs?

In 1 Corinthians 7:3-5, we read that we should render unto each due benevolence (or kindness), and not withhold your body from each other. The only time we should hold back is when we with mutual consent decided to withhold for fasting and praying. This is so that Satan will not be able to tempt us. 

How often you decide to have sex is completely between you and your husband. This is something that you will have to work out.

However, I’d err on the side of more often than not. For my husband and me, we try every other day. Maybe this sounds like a lot, but for my husband’s best interest, this is what works for us. It keeps Him happy, and I’m willing. 

Of course, there will always arise situations where morning sickness, flu, or your period keep you from that. But having a rule of thumb in my mind keeps us on track.

Does this sound boring? No Spontaneity? Maybe, and that’s where we have to make an extra effort. 31 Days to Great Sex can help you on your journey to a great sex life.

5 Ways To Bless Your Husband Sexually

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    1.Initiate It

    When was the last time you initiated sex? When you never want to do IT, your husband feels that you are just going along because he wants it, and he wants to feel that you DESIRE him.

    My husband told me that he always wants to have sex, so now I usually am the initiator. But I have to be intentional about it, otherwise, we would have sex much less often.

    2.Be adventurous

    Be willing to try something new. Any of you that know me, know that I’m really boring. So this is an area I should greatly improve in.

    I know it would be a blessing to my husband if I’d get out of my comfortable box. You can find some interesting tips here.

    3.Send Him a Sexy Text.

    Or whisper in his ear. The thought that you desire him, and WANT him, will excite him. Send him a message at work, or tell him in the morning. This will make him remember you all day long!

    4.Tell Him What You Want

    We ladies need to tell him what feels good. After all, he cannot read your mind. Be open and honest about what feels good for you and what you want him to do. Sex is supposed to be wonderful for both partners, not only for one of you. 

    5.Dress up Just For Him

    Add something special to your birthday suit! Your imagination is the limit, but do it for him. Add some feathers, or lace to spice things up. Just because you are married, does not mean that life should get boring.

    Resources that can help you.

    Boost Your Libido Course


    A great sex life is possible. It just doesn’t happen by accident. Take intentional action on improving your married relationship by being more aggressive and open about it. Sex isn’t everything, but it goes a long way for men.

    There are many great resources that you can read or watch that can help you. Sex is only one aspect of a marriage relationship, and men do have other needs as well. 

    What to do when your husband hurts your feelings.

    Have a great sex life in Christian marriage by realizing that God created the marriage bed, and He meant it to be both a way to create children, but also for us to enjoy and connect with each other.

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    Do you feel that you have a great sex life? Or is this something you struggle with as well? Let me know in the comments below.

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