5 Ways To Be a Better Hostess

Are you someone given to hospitality? I’d love to be someone that is always ready to feed and house guests on a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, this is something I struggle with. I like having people over, but I want to know ahead of time so that I can prepare food, and clean house. Such a Mennonite thing. And this isn’t truly given to hospitality! True hospitality is ready to serve with willingness and kindness. We need to be ready with an open heart, and an open house, at any given moment. “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrews 13:2.  The Bible says in Romans Titus 1:8 that we are to a lover of hospitality. And in 1Peter 4:9 we read that we should “use hospitality one to another without grudging.” This is one area that I am aware of that needs improvement for myself. So come along, as I share five ways to be a better hostess.

  1. Greet them at the door. A warm and gracious welcome helps put your guests at ease. Try to have your entrance clean and uncluttered if possible. First impressions count a lot towards how comfortable your guest feels.
  2. Offer something to drink. Something warm on a cold day, something cold on a hot day. This is especially important if they have traveled a long way. This is a simple way of showing you care.
  3. Be warm and caring. A thoughtful and kind heart is of great value. Ask them how they are doing, and be ready with a listening ear.
  4. Have a clean bathroom. This is the first area that should be cleaned if you’re having guests over. A bathroom has the potential to be easily disgusting, and a quick clean up doesn’t take more than ten minutes.
  5. Don’t be too busy. If you need to prepare food, go ahead. But don’t be so concerned about how dirty your house is that you have no time for your guest. If you run around, here and there, dusting and cleaning, they will feel like a burden to you. If you know you are getting guests, try to prepare as much as possible ahead of time, yet also realize that your company will usually be more important to them then what you’re serving.

So there you have it. 5 ways to be a better host. Hopefully these encourage you to be more open to serving others in your home. The carnal things in this life aren’t the most important. We need to take care of the hearts of the people around us.

I’m also hoping to do a post on meals that can be made ahead of time, either quick prep, or freezer/fridge meals. This is another way to make being a hostess much easier. So be on the lookout for that.

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