Is Your Marriage Struggling Too?

Marriages around the world are suffering, and that’s not what God intended marriage to be. We are at war with the rulers of darkness that want to destroy our marriage.

First and foremost, seek to serve God.

A wife that is surrendered to Christ will seek first the kingdom of God, and all things will be added unto her. Give your life completely over to God, surrendering to His will in your life. He loves you more than anyone else.

Quit the habits that are ruining your marriage.

Ditch the habits that are destroying your relationship with your husband. A disrespectful attitude and an unloving heart will turn him away from you.

Seek to understand Your husband.

Wives often have the reputation of being difficult to understand, but when a godly wife seeks to study and learn about her husband, and apply accordingly, she will be well on her way to becoming a wife whose worth is far above rubies.

Hello, I’m Marilyn

I know what it feels like when your marriage stinks, and you feel hopeless that things are ever going to change.

For years I felt like I was the only one that cared to improve our marriage, and with time I gave up on that too. Bitterness and a hard heart crept into my life. Vulnerability with my husband was not something I was willing to risk.

I am here to tell you that there is hope! My husband and I have had our share of marriage struggles, and today I want to share what we have learned over the years.

It is only by the grace of God that our marriage is thriving today. Surrendering to Christ, and giving up the need for control changed my life.

I am by no means perfect. I mess up rather often still! But, experience has taught me a lot, and I want to share that with you.